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There is nothing quite like a good old catch up with family & friends

Our packages include FREE CALLS between GIBFIBRE numbers, so you can chat to your heart’s content!

Enjoy endless minutes of calls with those close to you.

GIBFIBRE offers a free landline service to residential customers. Save up to £10.00 per month on a landline fee when compared with other providers by taking up a telephone number from GIBFIBRE.

In order to take up this service, please contact a member of our customer services team or indicate on the sign up form that you wish to take up a landline from GIBFIBRE.

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Do you wish to port (transfer) your number over to GIBFIBRE?

Porting means to transfer your existing telephone number from your current provider over to GIBFIBRE.

This will allow you to maintain your exact same number but on the GIBFIBRE network – benefitting from low cost call tariffs and no landline rentals.

What is the process for porting your number?

The process of porting your number over to GIBFIBRE is detailed below using an example with the telephone number 200XXXXX:

  1. Firstly, click on the button below to complete the porting application – indicating that you wish to port your telephone number: 200XXXXX
  2. Make sure to complete all the fields and agree to the customer declaration in order for the application to be accepted.
  3. Once completed and the porting application accepted, your porting of the telephone number 200XXXXX will be scheduled for the following Wednesday (unless you advise otherwise).
  4. The porting will then take place normally between 10:00am – 2:00pm of your scheduled day. During this time, your telephone line will be disconnected from your previous provider for around two hours whilst the porting process is taking place. Once the porting process has completed, the telephone line will be active from the Gibfibre router.
  5. In order to begin using your landline number from the GIBFIBRE router, you must connect a telephone handset to the back of the GIBFIBRE router and connect to the phone port: POTS1. This is located behind the router.
  6. Once connected and the porting process completed, that’s it, you can now enjoy endless calls at low cost call tariffs with GIBFIBRE whilst maintaining your existing telephone number, 200XXXXX.

* If you are buying a new handset please make sure its DOT3 or above and that it uses an RJ11. Your local electronics shop will be able to help you out.


Our Tariffs

Local Tariffs

Destination Price per Minute
FIXED £0.01
MOBILE £0.04

Prices to these destinations may vary depending on the provider at the end destination.
For additional destinations, please try our tariff calculator below by entering a specific landline or mobile number. An example could be 00350200XXXXX or 003505400XXXX.

Rate card available on request, please contact our Customer Services team to obtain a copy.

Calls not charged: Emergency Services, Busy, Number Unobtainable, GIBFIBRE
Help Desk ( +350 22500000)

Calls are billed per second and expressed in minutes

Terms and Conditions apply

Important Notice
As a result of number portability, callers cannot rely on a telephone number to determine which network the number they are calling is registered to.

A “ported” number is a number on the GIBFIBRE range whose control has been transferred to a different operator. GIBFIBRE to GIBFIBRE calls on our 225 number range, including those ported outside our network ,will not incur outbound charges. Inbound calls from a GIBFIBRE ported number will incur standard call charges from its hosting operator.

Rates and fees of GIBFIBRE are subject to change at any time without notice. By continuing to use GIBFIBRE’s services, following a change to the rates, you agree to such changes. GIBFIBRE always tries to keep the rates as competitive as possible, however, if there is any case of discrepancy in the rates, GIBFIBRE shall not be held responsible. Changes are periodically added to the information herein. Services provided are subject to GIBFIBRE’s Terms and Conditions. All questions and queries should be directed to GIBFIBRE Customer Services.

Low cost, crystal clear calls anywhere in the world? Yes please.


Switching to GIBFIBRE is quick and easy

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