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Endless entertainment with all your favourite TV channels!

Enjoy great entertainment on all your TV’s with Gibraltar’s most convenient and most popular TV service offering.

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Smart Box

Never miss out on your favourite TV program, it will start at whatever time you decide to sit down.

Enjoy catch-up TV and recording with a modern TV service.

Key features

  • Catch-up to 2 weeks
  • Electronic Programme Guide

In order to connect the box at home, you will need to connect an Ethernet cable from LAN port 4 located behind your router to the IPTV box. Then an HDMI cable from the IPTV box to your Television.

*Service available on Firestick. Smartbox coming soon

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GIBFIBRE’s licensed content TV package available at home or On The Go.

Subscribe to 45 additional TV channels including La Liga TV, Eurosport 1 & 2, CNN, Bloomberg and much more.



Whatever your mood, we have a channel to watch.

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See how easy it is to install

No additional cabling required, you do not need to purchase any expensive equipment. The simple process of installation is as follows:

GIBFIBRE TV Entertainment, HD Sports & Interactivity


Switching to GIBFIBRE is quick and easy

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