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Enjoy great entertainment on all your TV’s with Gibraltar’s most convenient and most popular TV service offering. 

No additional cabling required, you do not need to purchase any expensive equipment. The simple process of installation is as follows: 


A GIBFIBRE engineer routes fibre directly to your home


A GIBFIBRE router is installed and the fibre cable connected to provide your service. 


A satellite coaxial cable is connected to your internal TV distribution providing a TV signal to all your existing TV points. 


Enjoy watching TV in any room you choose without the need to stress. 

Smart Box

Never miss out on your favourite TV program, it will start at whatever time you decide to sit down.

Enjoy catch-up TV and recording with a modern TV service. 

*Coming Early 2022


GIBFIBRE's licensed content TV package available at home or On The Go.

Subscribe to 45 additional TV channels including La Liga TV, Eurosport 1 & 2, CNN, Bloomberg and much more.

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