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Meet the Team

“Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people”
Steve Jobs

Leadership Team

Image of Julian Sheriff

Julian Sheriff

Head of Operations

Image of Miguel Berniz

Miguel Berniz

Head of Technology

Image of Sean Randall

Sean Randall

Head of Strategy

Image of Julian Bellido

Julian Bellido

Head of Fibre Infrastructure

Image of Jesamine Scruton

Jesamine Scruton White

Head of HR

Image of Peter Musitano

Peter Musitano

Head of Finance (Group finance controller)

The Team

Image of Desiree Martinez

Desiree Martinez

Business Services

Image of Paul Williams

Paul Williams

Business Development Manager

Image of Emma Gaivizo

Emma Gaivizo

Business Development Executive

Image of Aaron Llufrio

Aaron Llufrio

Service Desk Team Lead

Image of Shanti Tavares

Shanti Tavares

Accounts Administrator & HR

Image of Maria Gomez

Maria Gomez

Customer Services Team Lead

Installation Team

Image of Installation Team

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