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Smart DNS

Unlock the complete Powerof your device’s internet connection.

Smart DNS FAQs

Why do I need this?

This will provide you with a better TV experience. This helps to overcome geographical restrictions imposed by certain services.

Which GIBFIBRE package offers this service?

Smart DNS is available for our Welcome, Family & Family+ packages. This is not available on our Senior package.

How much does it cost?

Nothing at all! Free extra service for our customers.

How complicated is it to install?

Installation is very simple as it is done by our technicians remotely directly on the router. No action is required on your part.

My Smart TV does not have access to certain apps?

Your TV may not have picked up the new Smart DNS. Hold down the power button on the TV remote for 8 seconds and TV should restart.

My Smart DNS has been enabled, what do I do now?

Visit your favourite TV streaming platforms and begin enjoying great content!

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* This service is only available for GIBFIBRE customers subscribed to our Welcome, Family & Family+ packages.
* This service is not available for customers on our Senior package.
* Please note, access to certain streaming platforms may require an additional subscription.

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