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Code of Practice

This Code of Practice is designed to provide you the customer, with as clear and as useful as possible, information that will:

– Explain who we are and how to contact us
– Provide an outline of the main services GIBFIBRE offers
– Provide details on our billing system
– Describe how you can contact us should you have a fault or need  additional services
– Advise as to what to do, should you have a complaint, and how you can escalate it if you are not satisfied

This Code of Practice should be read in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions.
The products and services described may not always be available, and from time to time we may change them, our terms and conditions, and the prices we charge. Our standard terms and conditions apply to the products and services. These can be found on the GIBFIBRE website. All information is  correct at the time of original publication of this code of practice (April 2018).

Who we are

The name of our company is GibFibre Limited. The trading name we use is GIBFIBRE which is shorted in this document to “GFS”. Our head office is Unit 5, Waterport Terraces, Northmole Road, Gibraltar and the office hours there are Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm. The contact number during these hours is+350 225 00000.

What Services we provide

GIBFIBRE is authorised to provide Electronic Communication Services by the Government of Gibraltar, through the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA). The description of the services you have purchased will be attached to the Order.

Telephony Services

GIBFIBRE offer a VoIP telephony service. The service is only available to Customers with qualifying broadband services supplied by GIBFIBRE. In the event of a power failure the telephony service will not be available.

Internet Services

GIBFIBRE offer a range of residential internet broadband services to suit customer requirements. The service delivered will be dependent on a customer’s requirement which will be identified in advance of completion of the order.


As GIBFIBRE offer a range of different services, the time to deliver these services may vary. GIBFIBRE aims to complete residential installations within10 days from receipt of a formal and verified service order request from a customer.


Standard tariffs, including periodic and rental charges, will be referenced on our Website and where appropriate be documented as part of the order. PricingSchedule sets out standard tariffs, including details of standard discounts and special or targeted tariff schemes showing, in particular, access charges, all types of usage charges and any maintenance charges.

Fault Reporting

GIBFIBRE offers Telephone Technical Support from 06:30am to 11:30pm, Monday to Sunday.
You can contact Technical Support by calling 225 00000 and selecting the appropriate option from the menu.
In addition, you can email GIBFIBRE directly on

Maintenance Service

Services will be delivered as set out in our Terms and Conditions. Nominal broadband speeds are dependent on network conditions and in-building wiring.The simultaneous use of multiple devices and external factors such as internet congestion beyond GIBFIBRE’s network, can also affect performance.

Fault reporting

GIBFIBRE offers Telephone Technical Support from Monday to Friday 08:00 – 22:00and Saturday to Sunday 10:00 – 22:00. you can contact Technical Support by calling 225 00000 and selecting the appropriate option from the menu. In addition, you can email GIBFIBRE directly on or speak to one of our agents using our live chat feature.

Standard Contract Conditions

Our standard contract conditions are set out in our Terms and Conditions and they set out any minimum period applicable to your contract.


GIBFIBRE is committed to helping all customers communicate as easily as possible. If customers are older or have a disability, we may be able to assist by providing priority fault repair and assistance or additional help and support. Customers may nominate alternative contacts for their service. To do so, the alternative contacts must be properly identified in line with GDPR and Data Protection guidelines. Once this process is complete, the alternative contact will be added to the customers’ account as a valid alternative contact. The contacts have no liability in respect of the service. For further information please contact our Customer Services team.


If you are moving home, then you should call us on our general telephone number to discuss moving your account and billing requirements and us helping you with the logistics of moving your communications services

Directory Enquiries

You are entitled to a directory enquiry listing for your fixed numbers. You are also entitled not to be in the directory and you should let us know whether you-wish to be ex-directory as soon as possible. You can change your mind about this at any time during the period in which we are providing you a service.

Emergency Services Numbers

If you call emergency service numbers such as 999 or 112 we will, if it is available to us, pass on your physical location to the emergency services. This may not be possible if the services concerned are provided using internet protocol on locations other than which is your billing address or stated address in our records where a particular number is used.

Itemised Billing

We will provide an itemised bill for no extra charge that will enable you to a reasonable degree to verify, monitor and exercise control over your account. If you want more information than our standard itemised bill provides then we may charge you for it. You have the right not to have itemised bills if that is what you wish.

Non-Payment of Bills

GIBFIBRE bills its customers monthly. If you do not pay your bill you should contact us straight away. Should a customer not pay within their time limit, GIBFIBRE will provide a reminder every 15 days. After 60 days and if the customer has not responded, GIBFIBRE will discontinue the service on two days notice. Interruption or disconnection will be confined to services for which you have not paid.

Code Of Practice Complaints

Complaints Concerning Our Service

This Code of Practice explains how we treat complaints concerning service provision and matters such as billing etc. Our aim is to provide you with a first-class service with which you are happy. If we have not managed that or have breached our service levels have created a problem or otherwise you have a complaint with the service, then in the first instance you should contact our customer service team whose number is shown on the website to explain your problem. We undertake to come back to you in respect of that complaint within 48 hours where that is at all possible. We may decide to give you compensation should things go wrong with your service or level of maintenance and GIBFIBRE are at fault.
Compensation will be calculated in accordance with any Service Level Agreement and our Terms and Conditions and is not meant to be damages or reflect loss in full. GIBFIBRE is not liable for any failure or delay which is caused by force majeure as defined in the Terms and Conditions. Should you have cause to claim compensation from GIBFIBRE for not meeting recognised timescales you should make a claim formally via for residential and for business or in writing to the address below or in writing to the address below .The payment of compensation claims will normally be made by a credit to your account. Any compensation will be in accordance with the provisions on limitation on liability set out in our Terms and Conditions.

In order for GIBFIBRE to consider your compensation claim, you must submit your claim by the 10th day of the month following the month in which the reported incident was resolved.Where we cannot resolve disputes, the matter may be referred to the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority who may in turn refer it to some independent person. You can contact the Communications Division of the GRA at

Gibraltar Regulatory Authority
2nd Floor
Eurotowers 4
1 Europort Road
Gibraltar GX11 1AA

Alternatively, we offer though it’s not compulsory, at first instance, a service whereby we refer the dispute to a third-party adjudicator who has acted not just for operators but also consumers in a number of disputes and who also has experience of being a regulator. We agree to abide by our adjudicator’s position. We pay for the adjudication.

GIBFIBRE will keep records of any complaint-related correspondence. This will help us deal with any follow-on discussions with you should this be necessary.Our records may include our written notes on the content of the telephone conversations as well as keeping copies of any written communications. These records will be confidential and are covered by the relevant legislation on safe guarding privacy and confidentiality.

Nuisance Calls

No one likes nuisance calls or messages that do not comply with the privacy laws. If you contact us we will put you in touch with the relevant authorities such as the police in respect of nuisance calls. In respect of silent calling or repeated calling we may have some technological measures to alleviate problems by call barring and/or can make references to the regulator.

Useful Telephone Numbers

GIBFIBRE Customer Service: +350 225 00000
Gibraltar Regulatory Authority: +350 200 72166

Voluntary Code Of Practice

GIBFIBRE is also a signatory of the telephony and broadband services voluntary code of practice and is working together with the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority in helping to protect its customers.

The code can be found here and is also available on request.

For further information on “the Code” please visit the GRA website here