Phone line

Enjoy low cost call tariffs with the same quality calling experience. 


Any Business Broadband connection with Gibfibre comes with a free available phone-line - saving you up to £14.00 per month compared to other local providers.

No additional cabling required, the simple process of installation is as follows: 

Free calls between GIBFIBRE numbers

Available free of charge with any Business Broadband connection

Keep your existing number and transfer it over to GIBFIBRE

Low cost call tariffs to international destinations

Call all round the world to any destination

Quick and easy to setup

No landline charges (save approx. £14.00 per month)

Do you wish to port (transfer) your number over to GIBFIBRE? 

Porting means to transfer your existing telephone number from your current provider over to GIBFIBRE

This will allow you to maintain your exact same number but on the GIBFIBRE network - benefitting from low cost call tariffs and no landline rentals. 


SIP Trunk

If your firm places a lot of long distance or international calls, you may save a staggering amount compared to traditional phone service by using our SIP services. SIP trunking services also easily scale to meet your needs, allowing for increased flexibility or configuration to enabled in a matter of minutes, not weeks, like traditional  phone lines.

16 concurrent inbound channels

Unlimited outbound channels

Include as many phone-lines without incurring any additional phone-line charges

Benefit from a unique designed SIP Trunk low cost call tariffs that competes with any international SIP provider

Expert technicians available to assist with the onboarding and setup of service

International freephone numbers

Additional DDI’s available on-demand

Dedicated private circuit for increased quality and security

Available on Premium Business Fibre packages

Additional DDI’s

Require additional phone numbers? See below pricing for packs DDI’s:

DID Pack 

Rate card available on request, please contact our Customer Services team to obtain a copy.

Calls not charged: Emergency Services, Busy, Number Unobtainable, GIBFIBRE
Help Desk ( +350 22500000)

Calls are billed per second and expressed in minutes

Terms and Conditions apply

Important Notice

As a result of number portability, callers cannot rely on a telephone number to determine which network the number they are calling is registered to.

A “ported” number is a number on the GIBFIBRE range whose control has been transferred to a different operator. GIBFIBRE to GIBFIBRE calls on our 225 number range, including those ported outside our network ,will not incur outbound charges. Inbound calls from a GIBFIBRE ported number will incur standard call charges from its hosting operator.


Rates and fees of GIBFIBRE are subject to change at any time without notice. By continuing to use GIBFIBRE's services, following a change to the rates, you agree to such changes. GIBFIBRE always tries to keep the rates as competitive as possible, however, if there is any case of discrepancy in the rates, GIBFIBRE shall not be held responsible. Changes are periodically added to the information herein. Services provided are subject to GIBFIBRE's Terms and Conditions. All questions and queries should be directed to GIBFIBRE Customer Services.  

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